tunes: Pandora - The Mountain Goats Radio (again)
mood: Getting in the groove

Hi hi hi hi.

I just realized I haven't figured out a way to share my couple of socials I have left.

Here is a link to my ko-fi page and tumblr.

Otherwise, you can find me on Neocities clicking around, or touching grass. Cya.


tunes: Pandora - The Mountain Goats Radio
mood: Coding, ergo: terror

This is my new site!! I'm excited to have more creative control over it. I will be using this blog to update about projects and sketchbook (sometimes).

This is still a WIP site since I haven't gotten my production, design and illustration pages up yet. Since I've moved off of social media I'm hoping to update this site more frequently. Most of my art energy is going towards Cross Pollinated, of course, but I've got some other stuff going on! I promise!!

Thanks for checking in. Catch ya next time.